Nano-cables capable of detecting gases

Researchers at Cornell University have achieved a technological breakthrough with the discovery of a simple way to place nanowires on an electrode, and have manufactured a prototype of a high-speed detector of chemicals capable of detecting nano amounts of ammonia gases - the The device is capable of detecting these gases at a tremendously low concentration - 500 parts per trillion.

Cornell's team of scientists are currently researching the development of detectors for other types of gases and hope to create a detector with a variety of wires that is sensitive to different chemical materials. A device with this ability could quickly detect and analyze the composition of gases in the environment, according to the researchers.

The advantage of the applied method is that it achieves the integration of nano cables with conventional electronics with relative ease. According to the researchers, devices derived from nanowire detectors could be available within 3-4 years.

The news has been made on the news page of the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

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