Acne in pregnancy

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Skin problems are common during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women suffer from acne.

In most cases, acne during pregnancy can be treated with good health practices. hygiene and with the use of products that do not need a prescription. But there are more serious cases of acne, in which a pregnant woman may need treatment with topical agents that must be prescribed by a doctor.

What Causes Acne During Pregnancy?

The hormonal changes related to pregnancy are responsible for these breakouts, especially during the first trimester. After the first trimester, a woman's chances of developing acne pregnant decrease

How is acne treated during pregnancy?

  • Use mild alcohol-free facial cleansers. Products that can clog pores on the face should be avoided.

  • Wash your face every day, but only twice a day, in the morning and at night, and after exercising. Washing too often can stimulate the sebaceous glands and lead to breakouts.
  • After washing, dry your face with a soft, clean cloth. Do not rub and apply a oil-free moisturizer after.
  • Use oil-free makeup.

Women who are not pregnant have a variety of treatments to choose from, but pregnant women need to be very careful about how they treat acne. Many topical acne treatments pose no risk to mother or baby, but should always be consulted with a doctor before using them during pregnancy.

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