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Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. Rich inagricultural and maritime resources. With over 100 kilometers of coastline thisvast province offers many possibilities.

Places to visit in Valencia:

  • Walks: Valencia has some truly beautiful gardens (Jardines del Real, the BotanicGarden, Jardin Monforte in the former the river bed of the Turía river) .Also recommended is a stroll around the narrow, winding streets of the Carmenneighbourhood (el barrio del Carmen).
  • Cathedral: dating back to the 13th century you can see many architectural influences from Roman to Barroque.
  • Artsand Science Complex: A new multimillion complex, magnificent architecture (Calatrava and Candela) - see photos.
  • Slice: gothic 1493, worldheritage site.
  • Torres de Quart and Torres de los Serrano (QuartTower and Serrano Tower) - part of the city's defensive system
  • Palaces Palau de la Generalitat (Gothic 15th century), Palacio de Congresos (CongressCentre designed by Norman Foster), Palacio de Cervelló, Palau de la Música ...
  • Museums Almudín (15th century), the Valencian Institute of Modern Art, the BlascoIbáñez museum, the Cathedral museum, the Bellas Artes museum, the City museum, the Science museum, the Patriarch museum, the Fallero museum, the Historical museum, the National Ceramics museum , the Bullfighting museum ...

Shopping in Valencia : All the advantages of shopping in a large city. Typical products include ceramics (the worldfamousartisit Lladro comes from Valencia). We recommend horchata (a very refreshingdrink which looks a bit like milk and is made from tiger nuts), also the fartonsa la Alboraya (sweet bread sticks). Visit the Mercado Central where you can find a wide range of fresh local products (even if you don't want to buy anything it's still worth a visit just for the experience). Try some delicious creamfilled pastries with chocolate (the best place to try these is in the area nearthe Cathedral).

Accommodation-Hotels. See our section on hotelsin Valencia. For individual reviews, check out this ruralhotel near Valencia. The hotel Molide Canysett is another interesting choice. TheEl Saler Paradoris the nearest parador to Valencia, but is not one of the best of the network of paradors (unless you want to spend your holiday playinggolf on the Saler golf course).

Festivals in Valencia: the most famousfiestas are Fallas, held in March, a spectacle of noisy festivities, music andfireworks. More information: Valencia Fallas.

The Province of Valencia: The coast and interiorare very distinct areas.The Mancha or Aragon interior and themediterranean.

Villages in Valencia:

  • Bocairent, to the south of the province near the Mariola mountain range and the pretty areacalled La Vall de Albaida.… a very interesting monumental town. For eating outtry El Riberet restaurant for good home cooking (Tel. 962 905 323).
  • Buñol (Bunyol), in the hole that bears his name abundant springs and picturesquespots. A village well known for its sausages, cold meats ... See the Buñolcastle. For eating out try the Venta de L´Home, located conveniently just off the Madrid-Valencia road, an old military sentry post dating back to the 17thcentury offering excellent traditional cuisine.
  • Chulilla, a village in the Turia mountain range, famous for its scenery, thermal watersand spa baths. Visit the castle and the Los Angeles church.
  • Cullera, rice fields, modern built-up residential areas and beaches next to a 12th centurycastle. Visit the Rice museum. For eating out try Casa Salvador for its creativecuisine (Tel. 961 720 136).
  • Gandia, See guide to Gandia - La Safor
  • The Alcudia (L´Alcudia) Here you can find the Glabis restaurant, famous for its enormous paellas (Tel. 962 541 093).
  • Liria (Lliria), The city for Valencian music and the capital of the Turia area. Visit the arabic baths, Horno de la Villa del XV, Tossal de Sant Miquel, Church of the Blood.Try a chicken and rabbit paella in Benissano in the Levante restaurant (Tel. 962780 721).
  • Olive. See the guide to Gandia - La Safor. It has an interestinghotel: ElMolí del Canysset.
  • Ontenient (Ontenient), capital of the Vall deAlbaida, eat in El Tinell de Calabuig restaurant (Tel. 962 915 048).
  • Requena- Utiel, capitals of a region full of vines, Requena has aninteresting old neighborhood, have a stroll down Paniagua alley, see the Salvadorand Santa Maria churches, the Cid palace, the Torre del Homenaje.Eat in Uriel in El Carro restaurant (Tel. 962 171 131).
  • Sagunto, a town with important Iberian and Roman history. Visit the old Jewish quarter, the castle, see the facade of the Diezmo palace, El Salvador and Santa Maria churches, the Roman theater, the archeological museum and the Diana temple.
  • Játiva (Xátiva), see the castle, the historic town center, the collegiate church, the 15th century hospital (now a national monument), the San Feliz church and the Almaudi museum.

If you wish to add any further information or send any comments please write to us.

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