Mobile calls on BMI flights

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The Telegraph newspaper said this month that Bmi is scheduled to begin mobile phone trials on board its flights later this month.

The airline is expected to start testing the SMS text message service first, before making a decision on whether to expand it to include voice calls.

Any trial requires the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority, which has already given the green light to other similar initiatives.

Emirates was the first airline to implement this service, launching AeroMobile technology on a flight from Dubai to Casablanca in March.
Due to the positive feedback from customers, the airline has now started to install the device across its entire fleet, with others expected to follow in the coming months.

"Those nightmare scenarios where everyone is sputtering at the same time are not happening," an Emirates spokesperson noted last month. “Social conditioning makes people know how to behave; they do not want to disturb or be overheard ”.

If bmi receives authorization to carry out the trial, it will become the first British airline to allow mobile telephony on board its flights.

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