Sony's SmartEyeGlass, competition from Google Glass, could be launched at the end of 2014

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According to Techtimes, Sony is working on what would be the competition of Google Glass, the SmartEyeglass, and to everyone's surprise, plans to launch them at the end of 2014. If there is no date change, Sony would make them available to consumers sooner. than Google, although this may not matter much unless the Sony device is really worth it.

Sony's smart glasses don't seem all that fascinating design-wise, at least as far as the developer's prototype is concerned. For its part, the software is similar to that of Google glasses, although it seems to even improve on them in some aspects.

If Sony is clever, it could become the first market leader for this portable device. But again, one wonders if the smart glasses market will ever take off. Google has given it a bold push but for whatever reason, companies don't seem to notice. These give more value to the smartwatch than to glasses. However, the situation could take an unexpected turn if Sony or Google launched a major product.

Some downsides to the Sony SmartEyeglass software are that they use a green monochrome screen that is not as good as it looks, plus it could damage your eyesight.

According to Sony “the SmartEyeglass are equipped with a wide range of sensor technologies including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, an electronic compass, a brightness and CMOS image sensor and a microphone. In addition to these features, the SmartEyeglass also have the GPS location of the Smartphone to which they connect to give the user optimized information.

There is a lot of interest in seeing what Sony is doing with its smart glasses and if it is really capable of launching a worthwhile product. The company is also expected to find a way to dispel the fears of users who are wary of seeing someone walking down the street with a camera to their face.

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