Ranking of the National Capacity for Innovation by Countries.

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According to Technology Review magazine, the innovation and dissemination of new inventions and patents is a growing phenomenon in various parts of the world. Finland occupies neither more nor less than second place in the ranking, surprising given its size and population.

The ranking of national innovation capacity has been carried out by the prestigious Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School, Scott Stern of Northwestern University and the National Council for Economic Research of the United States (see National Innovative Capacity Index, 2003).

The first 10 positions in the ranking are the following:

1. The United States
2. Finland
3. United Kingdom
4. Japan
5. Germany
6. Singapore
7. Sweden
8. Denmark
9. Switzerland
10. France

Regarding Hispanic regions, the following countries score in the ranking - the position in parentheses:

Spain (24), Portugal (33), Chile (41), Brazil (42), Costa Rica (46), Mexico (51), Argentina (56), Panama (58), Colombia (62), Dominican Republic (63 ), Uruguay (64), Peru (65), El Salvador (66) and Venezuela (67).

The five best patents of 2003

Technology Review magazine, after analyzing the best laboratories and universities around the world, has identified the 5 best patents registered during the past year. New products created thanks to the capacity for innovation and the latest technological advances that, according to the magazine, will avoid surgery, transform the telephone and develop all kinds of new portable digital devices.

Starting tomorrow, we will begin to analyze one by one these five best patents registered last year by the best universities or research companies in the world.

1. A new system to improve the quality of telephone calls over the Internet.



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