La Fonda Restaurant

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La Fonda Restaurant is in the center of Banalmádena and in a hotel that has the charm of a small parador, with its typical white architecture (designed by the Canarian César Manrique), around a nice patio with a swimming pool.

It is part of the Benalmádena School of Hospitality- Malaga- to which the Restaurant La Cónsula in Marbella also belongs- In this case you also enjoy a very unique place: a privileged location, hanging from the mountain and as a balcony over the sea, where from the same dining room has beautiful views.

What has been said for La Cónsula Restaurant, in relation to the role that the School of Hospitality is playing in Malaga's gastronomy, is also valid for this establishment.

A highly recommended place, therefore, to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine not without innovation and creativity. The quality-price relationship is very good. There are traditional dishes that are combined with innovative proposals by Antonio Salas.

The wine list (with more than a hundred references) designed by José Roldan, President of the Association of Sommeliers of Andalusia and quite sensible prices.

Google Maps address and phone
SantoDomingo de Guzmán, 7. (29639 Benalmádena) 20 km from Malaga.Tel: 952 568 625
Chef: Antonio Salas (kitchen) Benito de la Osa (room) and José Roldán (room and sommelier)

Menu / Recommended dishes

Puppy soup with diced cod and sour orange. Perfect for coastal anchovies in the style of Manuel Alcántara. Malaga noodle casserole with clams and fine fish. Turbot in escalope with tomato confit with basil and crispy potatoes. Carré of suckling lamb au gratin with mountain herbs and its rosemary juice -two people-. Creamy chocolate cake with cinnamon cream and fruit dialogue. Menu. Tasting menu.

Other data of interest: Hours: lunches only. Closed on Saturday, Sunday, holidays, Easter, July, August and Christmas.
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