Horoscope Cancer 2007

Cancer Love and Friendship 2007

2007 will be a much more positive year than recent years in the sentimental field. It is a year of abundance, fun, maturity, enrichment and creativity in all your relationships.

You will feel supported by your family this year. As for love, the best month is May when Venus enters the Cancer sign, and in December when your relationship will progress. At the end of the year, Cancerians who have a stable partner may think of further intensifying their relationship with a formal commitment or marriage proposal.

Money and Work Cancer 2007

Year of transformation and fortune in the workplace with the presence of Jupiter (planet of luck and expansion) and Pluto (planet of change). Possibility of increase in terms of workload and more responsibilities, but this will be accompanied by an increase in salary to reward your efforts. You will get along well with your co-workers. In December, your work may produce new alliances and there is even the possibility that in 2008 you will start working as a freelancer or with a partner on your own project.

2007 is an excellent year to invest and embrace new financial operations. Cancerians are not in favor of spending a lot of money, and this year you will receive your reward for the savings and care of previous years. It is important to make all decisions related to your money calmly and with great diligence. It is not a good time to lend money to third parties and neither to join your finances with those of your partner. Starting in April, you will start big changes in your finances and you will buy new acquisitions.

Other Predictions about Cancer 2007

Excellent year for cancer in every way. You will feel very lucky. The last few years have been difficult, but you have overcome the time of greatest difficulties (summer 2005) and this year the late payments and financial restrictions that you have experienced lately will disappear. You will be very lucky in all your creative projects.

Family is still very important to you and there will be some minor problems that you will be able to solve. Cancerians do not like to travel - they prefer to stay at home with their family - but this may change in 2007 and for professional reasons you start to travel more.

During 2007 you will feel full of energy, and you should take advantage of this new source of vitality to start a routine of daily exercise and a balanced diet. Your best month from a health and fitness point of view will be October and vulnerable areas are the heart, lymphatic system, digestive disorders and stress. You will tend to have a difficult subconscious with many secret thoughts. You should try to be more open and get rid of your emotional baggage.

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