Children's birthday parties

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Kids birthday party tips and ideas

The place: It is important to choose the site. Kids require a lot of free space - don't expect 15 kids between the ages of 3 and 10 to respect the new sofa you just bought, or the cashmere rug they gave you on your wedding day. Find a place in your house, at a friend's house, a rented place or a park, where you will not have to waste time saying "don't touch that", "don't put your feet there", "don't mess that up" etc. Choose an area for lunch and the birthday cake, and another for the birthday games.

The guest list: Do not try to mix ages. If you invite all your child's friends, and also all the children of your friends, regardless of their age, it will be very difficult to control the organization of the games and the atmosphere of the party. This is the day of your kids, so sit down with him to create a guest list according to his closest friends and their age.

The cake: It has become fashionable to buy some of the most elaborate cakes, in the form of Barbie, Batman, dinosaurs, Picachu .......... Besides being expensive (their price depends on the number of people), Many times these cakes, no matter how beautiful, turn out to be unappetizing for children and most of them end up in the trash, stuck to the paper plate and the plastic spoon with which you have served the portions. Why don't you make your birthday cake, with the help of your children, who will enjoy helping you mix the ingredients and see the final result. You can decorate it with your children's favorite sweets and vary the ingredients according to their particular tastes. Here is an easy recipe for a birthday cake that is much more appetizing than the commercial versions.

Schedule: Choose a realistic schedule so children are at their best. A fixed time, established in the invitations, for example "from five to eight", is much better than a "beginning at five o'clock....."which allows the parents of the invited children to make their own idea of ​​the pick-up time. A fun three-hour party, which allows all the planned activities and ensures that the children do not train into a state of collective excitement or boredom, it is much more manageable than a party that does not have a fixed schedule and that depends on the multiple particular schedules of the respective families of the guests.

Responsibility: It is not only important that the parents of the invited children have a way to reach you in case of an emergency, but vice versa. Make sure you have the phone numbers of all the parents of the children invited to the party. An accident is not likely to happen during a well-planned birthday party, but it is possible, and it is very important that you can connect with those responsible for each child in case something does happen.

Girls birthday party
There is a certain age when some girls or boys choose to invite friends of their own gender to enjoy a themed birthday party. For example some boys are happy with a soccer field and a ball for a couple of hours, while some girls prefer a more "feminine" environment. You can have a princess party or, as in this other example, a themed party for girls with the idea: A spa at home.

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